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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Project inspiration... beach house

When I start a project my imagination runs wild.  I think about the possibilities and the look that I want to achieve.  Sometimes it is more difficult than others but often my mind moves fairly quickly to where I want it to be.  Lately I have been pulling together inspiration images and keeping them organized by project, then narrow them down to share with my client.

I am working on a home in Redondo Beach, CA right now and I love the feel of the clean white walls with dark floors for the space.  This is my jumping off point and now I have to reign it all in to fit the budget and actual spaces.  I cannot wait to see how we do!


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Molly Wood Garden Design {spring sale}

My sweet friend Molly is having a Spring sale in her shop this weekend!  She has the most amazing things..  I LOVE the planter above and the plant is just that little bit of funky style to make it perfection!

So please take some time to swing by her beautiful shop this weekend and soak up some of her amazing talent as well as pick up a little decorative goodie for your home or garden.

Molly Wood Garden Design
1660 Orange Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92627 

P 949.548.1611
F 949.548.8557
Showroom/Shop Hours:
Monday through Friday 10am to 5pm
Saturday 10am to 4pm or by appointment.

all images from Molly Wood Garden Design

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Planting: Eden and Evelyn roses

Lately I have been a little obsessive about my garden, here in California the sun has been shining and it has been pretty warm so I have been feeling like it is the perfect time to get started on really planting my garden.  It is a bit of a challenge for me as we took almost everything out of our yard last year when we put in the pool, so I have been planning and scheming for months as to what I could plant.  I have been dreaming of these two beauties for much longer than that and finally I should be able to plant some in the next few weeks.  If I can just find them at the nursery, I am a little ahead of the game this year, so I am patiently awaiting their arrival.  Eden and Evelyn are two of my favorite roses... I am so excited!  

 I know that just about everyone has a favorite and I would love to hear which roses you prefer.  I am looking for more ideas and have a lot of space to fill.

They are described as having a double or full head... which to means perfect.

David Austin describes the Evelyn as follows: bears giant, apricot colored flowers of a shallow, saucer-like shape, with numerous small petals inter-twined within. This is not the most vigorous of English Roses, but the individual flower is absolutely magnificent. Its great glory is its wonderful fragrance, which is similar in style to an Old Rose, but with a sumptuous fruity note reminiscent of fresh peaches and apricot. Named on behalf of Crabtree & Evelyn, who used it in their range of rose perfumes.

The photo below is from Sharon at My French Country Home.  She has the most amazing garden and I found myself stalking her blog over the weekend looking for ideas..

images via google and pinterest

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

California Made: Natural Curiosities

I was so excited to see Natural Curiosities studio featured on Apartment therapy, as I have not had a chance to get up there yet.  When I say them in Las Vegas I made a tentative arrangement to go up to their studio for a tour and to take photos... I still have it on my list but this is a great little sneak peek into their amazing and creative space.  I love just about everything that they do and this is a great inspiration for the creatives on their team, fun, funky and eclectic. Artwork speaks volumes in an interior and Natural Curiosities pieces are always a little bit special and creative.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

{shop design} Rag and Bone, Los Angeles

Yesterday while I was in LA I had a chance to visit the Rag and Bone store on Melrose... I love a well done shop!   Rag and Bone is set up in an older building with access from the front as well as either end.  The doors were fantastic and they added just enough industrial detail to the exterior to make, what I am assuming was a pretty odd building, look really cool.  (Glass block is not usually on my approved materials list but it works here).  All of the industrial furnishings were mixed with their logos and labels that made them part of the brand itself and I loved the mix of vintage and classic lighting.    

Rag and Bone, Los Angeles
Women's and Men's
8533 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(424) 245-4816
Store Hours:
10am-8pm Mon - Sat.
12pm-7pm Sun 

images by christina for greige

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Modern grey in Los Angeles...

We all wonder what it would be like to own a villa in California...  this would be a perfect way to keep it feeling down to earth and beautiful.  I love the clean lines, the natural light is amazing and the simple color palette makes it very appealing.

images via Veranda

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Neptune Glassworks {lighting}

In my line of work you come across so many amazingly talented people.  I met Uri several years ago at the flea market in Pasadena, when we got to talking I convinced him to make me some custom lights for my master bathroom, which I was remodeling at the time.  They are dreamy and my all time favorite pieces in there!  Just last night I was looking for some interesting lighting for a client and remembered how amazing he is as an artist and that he had started his own company - Neptune Glassworks. 

While searching his site I thought it might be a great source to share here.. the lighting is some of the most beautiful and delicate I have ever seen, all the while it has that little industrial edge that I love.  What a gift to be able to create like this!

all images via Neptune Glassworks

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