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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Project inspiration... beach house

When I start a project my imagination runs wild.  I think about the possibilities and the look that I want to achieve.  Sometimes it is more difficult than others but often my mind moves fairly quickly to where I want it to be.  Lately I have been pulling together inspiration images and keeping them organized by project, then narrow them down to share with my client.

I am working on a home in Redondo Beach, CA right now and I love the feel of the clean white walls with dark floors for the space.  This is my jumping off point and now I have to reign it all in to fit the budget and actual spaces.  I cannot wait to see how we do!


Monday, April 7, 2014

Keeping it simple...

I have a tendency to get caught on something and not be able to let it go..  for example this fabric from Eskayel I have become totally obsessed with it after finding them via Instagram.  So I took a few minutes and mixed it up with my other current obsessions..  Ro Sham Beaux lighting//the Sunset console//the Marrakesh side table//everything Cisco Brothers ever made.  You know that kinda thing- but when I spotted the vintage shutters.. that was it- someone needs this room.  Please!!?!!  It's fun, fresh, simple and pretty sophisticated if you ask me.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

NYDC What’s New, What’s Next...

I had the pleasure of being asked by the NYDC to put together a lifestyle board for What's New, What's Next this year.  I am so excited to be able to share with you some of the great new pieces that are coming to the design center from amazing brands!   If you are in the New York area please plan to attend the event - check out all of the details here.

Join the New York Design Center on September 19th for the fifth annual “What’s New, What’s Next,” a showcase of new ideas, materials, and products. Beginning at 2:00pm, attendees are welcome to attend presentations, book signings, and panel discussions with the industry’s top editors, designers, and manufacturers.
In addition to the stimulating programs surrounding the latest trends, guests have the opportunity to views new product introductions ranging from residential to contract, rugs to lighting, sofas to tiles, ultra-modern to traditional, and everything in between. What’s New, What’s Next celebrates every facet of the design industry generating a buzz that can’t be missed.

Product links below..


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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

make a room out of it...

We have just added a bunch of great stuff into the shop... and I thought it might be fun to share a quick way to make a room from pieces in it.  It might also show you that I do have a rhyme and reason to the pieces that I hand select for the shop- I promise I do (!).  

 When I select piece for the shop I always try to mix it up a little of this and a little of that, things that would work well together.  I love interiors that are a little more relaxed that way and not to trendy one way or another.  It is fun to pick a bit of the latest trend and mix it in, but not necessary! And I am sure from reading the blog you know I love vintage so I always want a little bit of that in there too.. accessories, art, textiles furnishings, whatever catches my eye. 


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Thursday, August 8, 2013

dining room inspiration: casual lux

It has been a little while since I shared a lifestyle board with you.  This is for a client I am working with on her kitchen and dining remodel locally.  I am excited to see how it all comes out as she is still under construction and we are working hard to find the right fit for her dining room pieces.

I love the casual but lux feeling to the space that these pieces create.


If you would like help creating inspirational spaces for yourself contact us!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Nathan Turner @ Pottery Barn {a book signing}

If there is one thing I love it is a good design book and meeting the designer/author is always a great way to spend an evening!  Nathan Turner is signing copies of his first book Nathan Turner's American Style at Pottery Barn in Beverly Hills on Thursday evening.  

Also in the coming weeks look for an interview here on the blog with Nathan about the book and a giveaway for greige readers.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easy Living...

Some days I feel like we could use a bit of easy living.  Time to relax and read a good book, wear comfortable clothes and just be ourselves with friends and family.  I know I know it is still only Thursday but with Spring break around here it is so hard to work!  

Onto the weekend...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Teen Bedroom design


I have had the pleasure of working with one of my clients on a bedroom for her 16 year old daughter.  It is really fun to see her inspiration and what she wants to do with her space.  

I wanted her to have something fun and functional with a little bit of spice to keep it interesting for her.  I suggested a large leaning bulletin board and a lot of smaller photo/art frames, as well a bright splashes of color in the rug and pillows.  

It is always nice to do something a little different!

If you are interested in our online design services you can check out some of my other projects here.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Details of a well lived life...

Some days are more reflective than others.  The past two days have been so beautiful here at home that sitting inside working at my computer seems like a crime during the day.  I have been day dreaming and thinking a lot.  

I found something that is so fun here on Kimberly's blog.  Something I love.  I am a list maker and this seems like the best kind of list - a Life List.  Aside from making this my new before bed project I have been thinking about how we need to get back to basics here at home (my home) we need to entertain more, visit with friends more, spend more time together just playing and laughing.  I have been thinking about friends and how easy it is to make new friends and how we can loose track of old friends.  In the world of blogging and design a friend can easily be a reader, a client, a fellow designer or a vendor, each is still a friend with which a wonderful common interest is shared.  So to those of you that I am lucky enough to call friend I am saying thank you for all you do for me and for making each day special.  

Have a wonderful Wednesday... and I promise to not be soooo sappy tomorrow!  

image via pinterest from OKL


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dreaming {by invitation}

Dreams are such a fun thing.  I have so many but there is one that keeps jumping out at me.  I think it maybe more of a wish than a dream but I am truly not sure what the difference is any more.

 I dream of having a wonderful place in France to spend time in with my family, when I say time I mean real time where we eat together outside, we cook together, take hikes and walks and learn about the surrounding areas.  A home base to travel to new worlds together, just us, just for fun!

This beautiful home would be filled with my favorite of all favorites!  Astier de Villatte dishes and furnishings mixed with amazing French finds from Brocantes and local artisans.  Things would be striped down and natural just like the surroundings and the food.  It would be amazing we would cook and read.

We would ride bikes around just so we could see everything and stop anywhere. 

Eating outside as often as possible would be the norm..

My mind might even be free enough to have time to create some new classics based on old methods.


I would have the time and patience to learn how to draw and possibly paint.

A girl can dream right!

What about you what do you dream about?

Please take a minute to stop by and see everyone who participated today!!



























Pas Grand-Chose Blog

Also don't miss your chance to enter our giveaway!! 
images via bippity boppity boo, roost, french house, pinterest and the chair artwork is a piece made for greige/mysparrow by Patricia at PVE


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shopping on La Cienega: Maison au Natural No. 819

Love the hanging baskets!

This reminds me of the shop he had at South Coast Plaza so long ago.

 Love the pup!

My love for the vintage framed flags never ends!

Design details are so important to a shop and to your home.
Little collections make everything seem so much more interesting.

Astier de Villatte and vintage subway signs- yes please!

I am totally loving those lights!

I recently had a chance to do a little shopping in LA. 
I visited La Cienega for an event and had a little time to spare so I was able to stop by some of the fantastic shops.  Everyone was very sweet and welcoming and the displays and pieces were absolutely wonderful.  Each shop is unique and full of great inspiration.  
As you know I am a big fan of Dan Marty and when I walked into his newest shop for the first time it was just as I had imagined, creative and full of the most wonderful things!  

Visit the shop:

Maison Au Naturel
9AM - 5PM Monday-Friday, 11AM - 4PM Saturday
(310) 657-1002
819 La Cienega Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90069

See my other posts on Dan here and here.

Also the Lovely Angela and Renee over at Under Spanish Moss were kind enough to interview me over lunch a little while back.  Check it out here!!

images by christina for greige